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ناس كتير واقفة في حياتها او مش متقدمة بالسرعة اللي نفسها فيها.. وللأسف متخيلة انها واقفة لأنها خايبة او مش شاطرة او ضعيفة

وكأنها ماسكة في الظاهر مش الجذر..

جذر المشكلة هو ان "المخ" تعبان

وبالتالي "العقل" مش شغال تمام

بدل ما نفضل نضيع وقت واحنا فاكرين اننا فاشلين

خالينا نمسك اول الخيط ونبدأ بالمخ..

نفهمه ونغذيه… ونشوف قد ايه حياتنا هاتفرق

في الكورس ده - اون لاين - هانتعلم عن موضوعات مختلفة ملكملة لبعض:

1- هانتعلم عن اجزاء المخ المختلفة وادوارها مع "شيري رفعت"

2- هانتعلم عن علم النوم والتأثير المحموري للنوم على كفاءة المخ مع "نهى ايهاب"

3- هانتعلم عن التغذية اللي مخنا محتاج لها علشان نقود حياة صحية سليمة مخنا وعقلنا شغالين فيها بكفاءة مع "رحاب موافي"

4- هانتعلم عن الرياضة وتأثيرها المحوري على مخنا مع "إيمان رفعت"

5- هانتعلم عن التأمل وتأثيره على المخ وليه مخنا محتاج له مع "إيمان رفعت"

6- هانتعلم ازاي نحط خطة عمل لتطبيق محتوى الكورس في حياتنا وتحويله من علم لعمل مع "إيمان رفعت"

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I am Omnia Rafie, I took the Turbo Brain course online (first round). Honestly, I started the course for two main reasons, the first was that I know I am not having a long free period of time so I thought why not to invest some of it in learning something new, and the other reason is because I liked the idea of having different instructors in the same course as my main problem with the online courses is that I find them not interactive so I easily get bored therefore the diversity in instructors was really motivating me to complete the course till the end with a huge excitement specially that all these instructors are easy to contact in the future for further help/support if I need.

The program is full of interesting master pieces of informations! I realized that I wake up every single day without planning to adopt any new habit or to even concentrate on a habit that I already have although I am aiming to be a mother one day! And then I started to think, how will I reach my goal without starting with building myself to be able to build others? This was the starting point, passing through information about the brain then relationships, sleeping, nutrition, exercise and meditation I started to realize that I have so many directions that I need to go into but I did not feel lost as each instructor really gave detailed points and guided informations that I was able to take in and start my planning journey.

I have always heard information about my brain and my body, but I have never felt the urge to work on developing them as I did not know the link between developing them and achieving my goals. This course is helping me understand myself (how my brain works and how my body acts) in order to be able to THINK better and LIVE the best.

My journey just started few days ago, but my brain is already happy I cared to learn about it.

Omnia Rafie

The Turbo Brain online program.. It’s like a puzzle, pieces are integrated together to complete the full picture..

For me, it’s an awaking alarm that my health is your number one wealth.

One of my goals is “Being Independent” physically and mentally in my 80th birthday. And this program is an eye opener for me on different aspects that I need to work on specially stress and meditation. Topics are aligned together in an amazing way toward living a healthy lifestyle and leaving a legacy.

THANK YOU SO MUCH Cherry, Noha, Rehab and Iman for the valuable information that changed my life.

Dalia Abdel Wareth