Community and Service


We serve our community in 3 aspects:

1- Producers not consumers

In this project, both the women and teens work creatively and effectively on producing handmade goods. Both the instructors and the producers are volunteers. The team members sell the handmade goods in exhibitions through the year to sponsor their two other projects. Products include Decoupage coasters and trays, string art boxes and copybooks, crochet scarfs, quilling cards and bookmarks, scented candles and a lot more!

2- A Day To Remember

A project organised by the BIST (BULLET in Service Teens) In this project the teenagers organise a day per month for a group of vulnerable children. Every month the team works with a certain community (Orphans, Mentally disabled, Refugees, Cancer patients, Visually impaired..)

3- The Bucket List

A project organised by the BISW (BULLET in Service Women) In this project the women work collaboratively and lovingly on providing the urgent and basic needs of a vulnerable community. The team, twice a year, works with a certain community (Elderly, Refugees, Orphans, Mentally disabled, Visually impaired..)