One of my students who wished to stay anonymous (2013)

“Sometimes in life, we meet persons that leave footprints on our paths, touch our souls and make a change. The change might seem small, or tiny, but as we go on, we realize the importance and the value of this change, of this small touch of soul that we were touched since many years. Yes, you were one of those people, who made a difference, and touched my life. I believe I never got the chance to clearly express my gratitude towards what you have done since probably 6 years.

You deserve to be thanked, and I owe you a great thank you. Despite it is somewhat late, but I have always believed that one day, I will be writing you this. You have made a great effort, in being a memorable teacher and friend, and you succeeded. You have made a great effort, in changing my soul, my habits, my way of thinking, and you succeeded. And you have made a great effort to be a special person, and an unforgettable turning point in my life, and yes, you succeeded. You knew me in the right time, in the time that human start to shape and outline their personalities, and you have put your footprint, a positive one, that affected me today.

I thank you for being a successful, unforgettable teacher and friend. I thank you for the golden lessons, and I thank you for being you. You acted like a light in all of our lives I believe, and you were always there, helping and supporting me, aiming to make me a better person. Maybe I am not that “better” person yet, and maybe I have done great mistakes in my life, but still, here am I wishing to be this better good person, touching someone’s life one day like you have done.”