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Fabulous Veils Book Review

Fabulous Veils Book Review

Fabulous Veils Book Review

Fabulous Veils Book Review

Fabulous Veils Book Review

Fabulous Veils Book Review

Fabulous Veils Book Review

Fabulous Veils Book Review

Fabulous Veils Book Review

Fabulous Veils Book Review

Fabulous Veils Book Review

Fabulous Veils Book Review

Fabulous Veils Book Review
“I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to read such a fabulous work. Though initially interested in the story for discussion at a monthly book club meeting (shout-out to Rose’s Cairo Book Club!), I’ll admit I couldn’t put the book down since I bought it. Iman Refaat did an amazing job in storytelling, really, with her very captivating descriptions of what would seem mundane details, but they really did add to the stories of these women from diverse situations, allowing me as a reader to feel tremendous empathy for their situations, and be curious about what would happen next in their seemingly tragic lives.”
“I honestly feel like no review I could ever write would do this book justice. It’s a beautifully written novel that deserves to be read and re-read. It’s enlightening and hopeful even through all the gritty, heart-wrenching, almost physically painful emotional rawness of it. I felt inspired by the wonderfully brave characters, and I learnt A LOT from their life experiences. And I felt that basically the message in this novel is: ‘It doesn’t matter what happens to us, we will rise above it if we have the awareness about who we are and what we are capable of.’ Iman used simple words to narrate a simple, straightforward messages to women and she did it brilliantly. It is a beautiful novel of hardship and hope. Hope triumphs. As it should. Iman, you’re our KHALID El Hosseini female version.”
“Fabulous Veils nous invite à réfléchir sur les rapports entre les hommes et les femmes en Egypte. A travers des récits de vies de trois femmes issues de différentes classes sociales qui partagent tour à tour leurs angoisses, leurs rêves et leur quotidien. L’auteur nous interpelle et nous incite à faire un bilan sur notre vie et à nous poser des questions sur notre rôle en tant que femmes et notre place au sein de la famille voire même au sein de la société. A travers la voix de ces femmes et dans un style simple mais captivant ce sont des visions différentes du même sujet qui sont abordées avec délicatesse et pudeur. Fabulous Veils éveille en nous toute une foule d’émotions qui se manifestent au fil émotions ressenties par les personnages; tantôt de la colère, tantôt de la joie, tantôt de l’inquiétude … Je recommande vivement ce livre pour toute personne qui rêve d’un avenir où la liberté de penser, de parler, d’aimer et de vivre tout simplement est le seul mot d’ordre.”
“I started reading the book with the impression that it is a novel about 3 women & their stories. I never excpected it too be so real & deep discussing our many problems as a society with so many misapprehension about religion which led to many unfair & stupid traditional rules that is oppressing to women in particular. I hoped the novel to be in Arabic, first of all to reach as many women as it can & secondly to avoid the big glossary that would be confusing to a non-arabic speaking readers. What I really loved about the novel that it explained a lot about different faces of oppression which differs for a high class person than a poor illiterate one. This is our main problem; we can’t see others’ misery as long as we don’t understand or feel it. Keep up the good work & congratulations.”
“We each live wearing a certain mask or another. We smile when we don’t really have a reason to. We try to pretend that we are doing well even if we are not. We do so in an effort to abide by traditional and social norms that dictate that we must not appear weak. We must not share our problems. Iman Refaat takes us on a journey that is too close to home. Raising a mirror to our masks and exposing them. In many ways, this novel exposes female oppression, however, it also exposes that Egyptian men are as subjected to tradition and social oppression as are women. Iman shows that families tend to oppress both male and female children and put them through very rigid circumstances that they both grow to become oppressors themselves. Iman writes with such passion and talent, giving very unique and creative voices to her characters, whom the reader tends to feel for, fall in love with, and more often than not, get so angry with their behavior.”
“Fabulous Veils is a stop sign against all female oppression. It is an alarm to think of the actions we do to our female surrounding imaging that we are protecting them, while we might be banning them from having a better chance in life. I got involved with the three main different female characters from the very beginning. What was really shocking that women were more accused to show oppression and discrimination against each other more severally than men do.”
“Fabulous Veils is an astonishing book. The best thing about it is how it opens people’s minds about the lives in these categories of our society. I’m so proud that Iman Refaat had chosen to speak about the Egyptian woman as she is badly portrayed & strongly oppressed. Her book has taught me that we need to acknowledge these issues especially all these old barbaric thoughts & rituals, also to stand up for our rights. I really enjoyed reading the novel, it has such a profound message and it is delivered marvelously. Definitely one of my favorites. I recommended it to all of my friends. Can’t wait till her next work!”
“It took me a week to read it. I felt as if I lived with and known each one of the characters. I hated them all, loved them all, empathised with them all, pitied them all and felt their happiness and sorrows. Beside the writing style and how it makes you see the scenes in real, the stories are so deep and so touching. Everyone who is oppressed is a victim by choice and criminal by force. Oppression is a closed end circle that must end. We must not accept to live the life of victimhood or oppress others for the sake of social acceptance.”
“Refaat’s book is a window on the daily agony of many Egyptian women – of the same age bracket of Gameela, Madeeha and Fatema, as of older and younger. It shows the complexity of anxieties that go way beyond the obvious financial challenges, to the emotionally draining binds that most must submit to. With 2017 labeled by the Egyptian government as ‘the year of women’ by the government, with officials making announcements about state support for women, Fabulous Veils offers a serious reminder that many injustices go deeper than what the state is yet willing to acknowledge.”
“Fabulous Veils is not just a novel, it is a reformation movement waiting to happen. It discusses a lot of pressing issues that are predominant in our societies and we have neglected for generations. It makes you reexamine your beliefs, actions and motivations. I recommend that everybody reads this novel, because it is not just a novel, it is an experience.”
#FabulousVeilsNovel#Book Review “Fabulous Veils is not just a novel about women, but an outcry for a social revolution. It’s a call for women not just to demand change or wish for it, but to go out and fight for it.”
“An absorbing novel accurately painting women’s feelings in a “normally” oppressing society, where oppression is the norm. In different social standards of the Egyptian society women are used, abused, or misused for anything but their own happiness and desire. Iman masterfully and sensitively describes feelings in a realistic approach that brings life into all her characters and easily allows the reader to live their different lives.You get attached to all the characters to the extent that after finishing the book you start to miss them. It is a decent scream calling for women’s rights and freedom, and giving strong hopes in a better tomorrow.”
“It’s a real page turner. Fabulous Veils tells the story of three women of different social standards in Egypt, each facing the same monster ‘oppression’. While each woman fights her own battle you are emotionally bonded to each one of them. The novel addresses issues in the Egyptian society that must be eradicated in order for our beloved Egypt to thrive. A brilliant read.” Mofty

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