Nancy Soliman

“Al Hamdullah, I am very blessed to have attended the BULLET program on 2017.

>The program is very deep that introduces you to yourself and takes you into a journey to befriend with yourself

I was really inspired by the part where we connected values and desires together, that was a one big take away from the program. By defining my values and desires I learnt to be self-compassionate and I changed the way I talk to myself and expanded that to the way I talk to my child.

The second big take away was the personal map exercise, where we put things on paper and start question what are they and what they represent, it was very enlightening to see that sometimes we say things to ourselves that aren’t real and you can’t really realize that until they are out in front of your eyes.

It’s an ongoing journey where you have the full support from Iman and other members of the community, the program doesn’t stop by complementing the lectures as Iman also offers monthly follow up clubs where she introduces tools/ strategies to help us apply what we learnt from the program into our daily life

I would definitely recommend this program to everyone who is looking to a step by step guide to dig deeper and know him/her self better at own pace!”