Your Mentor To True Success

Your Mentor To True Success Program

In Paradigm Shift online mentoring program you will: 

– Clearly identify your top goals.

– Develop action plans for execution on both short and long terms (focusing on one top goal).

– Learn how to reflect on your current behaviours and expand them to new levels of flexibility to serve your goals.

– Receive constructive feedback on your actions and tasks.

– Enhance your self-management skills and thinking skills.

– Test and measure to adjust your plans accordingly as needed.

– Be coached to identify your current habits and practices and which ones obstacle your success.

– Receive recommendations for valuable resources.

– Learn how to nurture your 4 dimensions as a human being to become happier.

– Extracting the strategies followed to execute your goal.

– Learn how to independently follow the execution strategies to achieve further goals.

N. B.

– Mentoring sessions are open for watching on weekly basis.

– Answers to inquiries and questions will be shared in the comments area.

– For further inquiries and enrolment, contact us on (+02)01002304588.