Is labelling limited to negative labelling?

“Do we consider praise a sort of labelling?,” the 16-years-old girl wondered out loud.

I love it when I see their eyes shinning and their minds exploring new horizons. And the smart question the participant of my BULLET Teens program posed was a small demonstration of the paradigm shift she was experiencing.

‘The most organised’ is one of the labels I was given years ago. For people it might sound like a compliment or a praise. For me it was, back then, a kind of a stressful demand. In order to be up to my colleagues’ expectations and standards I needed to keep this ‘label’. I was forced to act all days and nights, under all circumstances, in a very cautious manner to stay in their eyes ‘the most organised’.

I set myself free. After many years, many diseases due to high stress, and limitless inspirations from world greatest leaders, speakers and authors. I freed myself from all sorts of labels. I became me, who I am regardless what people would think of me. I comprehended my nature as a human being who’s in constant change. I accepted me as I am. Some days I’m the most organised, others I am just me with an untidy living room and a jammed fridge.

“We must not allow other people’s limited perceptions to define us.” Virginia Satir