Glimpses from Fabulous Veils#3

‘Liars’. ‘They lie all the time’. ‘I no longer trust what they say’. ‘They always have tales to tell.’
Were people born liars? People lie. Teens lie. Children lie. For sure not all people lie, yet a large amount of people do. Are they bad people or good people? Why don’t we just speak the truth?
Dedicating my Mondays Arabic articles in November for the Teenagers, I decided to share some glimpses from ‘Fabulous Veils’ on weekly basis. Sharing scenes in which Teenagers were involved. Whether as a main or side character. I will not comment on the scene. Comments are open for the readers. I will just open a window to my perception.
The window this time is:
Punishment. Severe punishment. Do parents use punishment as a tool to discipline their children or is it a way to channel their anger and vent their personal grudges? Is it possible to parent emotionally and mentally healthy children while feeling angry?
Leaving you with the Glimpse…
Among Cairo’s various districts, Maadi was Kouki’s favorite. It had its unique routes with streets and squares. “I always get lost in Maadi,” she had heard her brother say several times. Her father detested Maadi too saying, “The corniche is always jammed.” Having a whole district in which she could act freely, her friends called her Kouki Maadi. Indifferent to their mockeries, it became her official name in her gang. Being caught and severely punished in her early teenage years, she had learned valuable lessons from one of her elder schoolmates. Rolla trained her on how to lie convincingly, how to rob her father’s wallet taking small sums at first then increasing gradually and how to spray her mouth removing any odours. Also how to dress in double layers, taking off in bathrooms or in cars the conservative clothes her father insisted she wore and how to wear heavy make up and remove it leaving no traces. Then there was how to provoke any boy with her gestures, looks and voice tones and how to turn him down leaving him high. Finally there was how to be sexual but protect her virginity even if she liked a boy and thought he among all others deserved the honour.
“Never be caught. Always have a story prepared and memorise it by heart,” were Rolla’s last words before moving with her groom to Dubai.