Glimpses from Fabulous Veils#2

Stubborn. My children are stubborn. They don’t listen to me. They resist my orders. They break my rules. They disobey my commands. Teenage is horrible. It’s a frustrating age!
Is it truly a frustrating age? Are they really stubborn? Is the problem always out there, with the teenager? Could the problem be somewhere else? Could it be with the rules? Could it be with the way we announce the rules? Could it be with the long list of rules? And could be with the reasoning behind the rules?
Dedicating my Mondays Arabic articles in November for the Teenagers, I decided to share some glimpses from ‘Fabulous Veils’ on weekly basis. Sharing scenes in which Teenagers were involved. Whether as a main or side character. I will not comment on the scene. Comments are open for the readers. I will just open a window to my perception.
The window this time is:
Expectations. Do we expect from our sons and daughters to act, behave and respond to our orders the same way regardless their age group? Do we treat them the same way whether they are children, teens or young adults? Or do we give more freedom of choice the more they get older?
Leaving you with the Glimpse…
As Mony expected, her mother was waiting for her anxiously by the entrance. “Where have you been? Your mobile is off. You’re late. And you’re not even dressed. I was so worried.”
“I’m sorry, Maman. My mobile was out of charge.”
“How will you get dressed now? Some of the guests already arrived. How can you pass in front of them in such a state?”
“What state, Maman? I’m ready for the party.”
“Ready for what?!”
“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?”
“Tell me one thing right about it.”
“I like it. It’s comfy, it’s cool, it’s my style, it fits and it’s my choice.”
“It isn’t decent, it isn’t chic, it isn’t fashionable, and it isn’t a dress. You look like a girl going to a party.”
Laughingly Mony interrupted her mother, “Am I not a girl coming to a party?”
“No. You are a young lady attending New Year’s Eve with your family. Why do you insist on embarrassing me this way?”
“Maman, I meant nothing bad and don’t take it personally”
“Don’t take it personally? How do you want me to take it?”