Farida Hussein – Student (2016)

“I was looking at my notes, copybooks, and my portfolios, all those lessons that took five years full of memories, love, care, teaching, and friendship that really made and is making a huge difference in my life. Those are the “small, small, small, build BIG” (This is what you said in one of the lessons, on 3.1.2012)

The last thing I wrote on the last lesson we had together was “Dream to live” ! Really reading those notes and remembering some of the lessons and what we used to do during our lessons, outings and events gave me energy and optimism that I was missing for so long. Mrs. Iman, I really can’t say or express how much I love you, or how much you changed me and my life. As I grow up, and as days in my life pass I’ll remain always grateful for every single thing you taught to me, those things that I thought they are normal things to learn at school but now when I am looking back at life, I realize that those are the only things that I really need in this life…

Even the simplest of words can change a Person’s life, and you told me thousands of words that changed my life totally. Mrs. Iman, I am speechless and can’t find words to express what I feel towards you, I just can tell you that you are a real SPECIAL person who I really do appreciate and LOVE .

I really want to thank you for everything that you did. You are really one of the few people in my life who inspire me and make me a better person. For me you are more than a teacher.”