Fabulous Veils Book Review

“We each live wearing a certain mask or another. We smile when we don’t really have a reason to. We try to pretend that we are doing well even if we are not. We do so in an effort to abide by traditional and social norms that dictate that we must not appear weak. We must not share our problems.
Iman Refaat takes us on a journey that is too close to home. Raising a mirror to our masks and exposing them. In many ways, this novel exposes female oppression, however, it also exposes that Egyptian men are as subjected to tradition and social oppression as are women. Iman shows that families tend to oppress both male and female children and put them through very rigid circumstances that they both grow to become oppressors themselves.
Iman writes with such passion and talent, giving very unique and creative voices to her characters, whom the reader tends to feel for, fall in love with, and more often than not, get so angry with their behavior.”