Diwan Bookstore isn’t a bookstore

The same little girl who used to ride her bicycle in excitement to reach a little books kiosk in the mid eighties, was celebrated in Egypt’s most prestigious and honourable bookstore.

It was never a bookstore for me. Diwan is a lot more. Since its inauguration in 2002 it became my refuge. Every time I faced adversity, I knew I would find guidance on its shelves. My first consultation was with John Gray, aiming to understand my husband and how to keep our oath in having a happy marriage. My second book, and most favourite of all, helped my family craft its mission statement with Stephen Covey’s guidelines and 7 habits. It became one of my habits to return to Diwan over and over again. Enchanted not only by the books and the great value they offered, yet by its employees. They never failed me. Knowledgeable, decent, respectful, cooperative and highly committed.

At Diwan Bookstore I had my first ‘Creative writing’ class with the fabulous instructor Linda Sharbat Cleary. From the student’s seat I had my life changing workshop ‘Fiction Factory’ with Mohamed Abbas. What I learned in their workshops was way beyond writing skills. I learned to chase my dreams, to believe in myself and to be more attentive to my inner voice. I learned to dare, to play big and to believe that I can do anything I want.

In December 2016 I signed my first novel in Diwan bookstore. And in September 2017 I started my workshops at their honourable cultural castle.

On January the 21st, 2018, the same little girl was invited at Diwan bookstore and was celebrated for the success of her workshops. “If there were bestselling workshops like best selling books, yours would be the best sellers,” Ms. Layal Rustom

It doesn’t matter where we start, it doesn’t matter how many times we stumble, what matters is that we keep standing strong, trying over and over again, doing what brings joy to our souls and adds value to our partners in humanity.

Diwan was never a bookstore for me. It’s the home of every dreamer who wishes to creatively contribute in developing his community and elevating his beloved country; Egypt.