Dalia Abdel Wareth

I am blessed to be part of “The BULLET Women Community”, it changed
my life to a better version of ME and to be a better wife and mum.
It made me realise that I am a “human being” not a “machine” that executes
tasks (to do list).

I have roles, dreams and goals that I want to achieve.
It’s OK to be easy on yourself, to take “baby steps” to shoot for the moon in
order to be happy and more conscious.

The “Bullet Journaling” course is a very powerful tool that made my life
easier and more organized in many aspects: family, relationships, finance,
health, spirituality, career …

The magic of reflection and the power of gratitude are strong.
It’s also a fun way to destress and spend “ME time” while planning for the

Thanks a lot Iman for the valuable courses, support and encouragement you
always provide to each and every one of us in the community.

So grateful to YOU .. LOVE you IMY