Coaching Women

Mobilizing inner and outer resources for generative change

Personal Coaching

Change Package

In this package you will be able to expand your current behaviours to new levels of flexibility. You will start by identifying your own desired outcome and set your personal action plan to move towards your outcome. You will explore and identify your own strategies to adopt new behaviours and you will get challenged to expand your frames of thinking.

Change Package details:

– 3 coaching sessions

– 1 free follow up call

Duration: 4 weeks

Evolution Package

In this package you will reexamine your sense of identity, your personal values and beliefs. You will explore your inner resources and identify the obstacles withholding you. You will learn to confront your limiting beliefs and your cognitive distortions. You will set your sight on new horizons in personal achievement.

Evolution Package details:

– 12 coaching sessions

– 2 free follow up calls

Duration: 13 weeks

Transformation Package

In this package you will be challenged to embrace the higher level of change; a change in the direction, the vision and the self-image. You will explore your thinking frames and meta-programs. You will discover the unknown countries of your own potentials. You will be empowered to run your own brain, access your inner resources and achieve your highest best. All on meta levels, beyond your behaviour, exploring your beliefs, identity, values, life purpose and many more. In addition to reaching your peak performance, you will learn how to self-coach yourself.

Transformation Package details:

– 24 coaching sessions

– 2 free mentoring sessions in writing Personal Mission statement

– 4 free follow up calls

Duration: 25 weeks