Coaching Teens

Unlocking potentials and reaching peak performances

Personal Coaching

Change Package

In this package you will start by identifying your own desired outcome and set your personal action plan to move towards your outcome. You will explore and identify your own strategies to adopt new behaviours and you will get challenged to expand your frames of thinking. You will learn how to own your powers.

Change Package details:

– 3 coaching sessions

– 1 free consultation call

Duration: 4 weeks

Evolution Package

In this package you will reexamine your sense of identity, your personal values and your limiting beliefs. You will explore your inner resources and identify the obstacles withholding you. You will learn how to face bullying and how to stand against peer pressure. You will be challenged to confront your personal limitations. You will grow more self-confidence and you will learn how to own your personal powers.

Evolution Package details:

– 10 coaching sessions

– 2 free consultation calls

Duration: 11 weeks

Group Coaching


You will explore the effects of your physical appearance on your self-image and self-love. You will identify your personal strategies to create the image you want to project and you will be empowered to mobilise the internal and external resources needed to create the new you.

Power Zones

You will explore your four powers and self-evaluate your current strength in each area.  You will learn how to own your personal powers and how to become proactive not reactive. You will be challenged to carry your life as a victor, not a victim.

Group Coaching Sessions details:

– 4 group coaching sessions

– 6-8 participants per group

– 1 month follow up on a Facebook closed group

Duration: 4 weeks