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Coaching is about change. Coaches invite people to feel uncomfortable, to discover the unknown countries of their own potentials. The Coach works as a facilitator for the change the client is willing to embrace. The cornerstone in reaching results is the client’s determination.

The Levels of Change

There are four levels of change:

1 – Incremental (continuous) change: Which focuses on expanding the same behaviour to new levels of flexibility.

2 – Discontinuous change: In which people adopt new behaviours and expand their frames of thinking.

3 – Evolutionary change: In this level people reexamine their identities, values and beliefs.

4 – Revolutionary change: This is the higher level of change; a change in the direction and the vision.

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching focuses on an individual’s life. The life/work balance, goals, purpose and meaning, relationships, health, career and profession, wealth, lifestyle, value clarification. However, it includes many specialised areas.

Personal Coaching Areas

I offer Coaching services in specific areas:

• Life Coaching

• Values Coaching

• Goal setting Coaching

• Career Coaching

• Learning Genius Coaching

• Relationship Coaching

• Parenting Coaching

• Family Coaching

• Teens Coaching

• Self-image Coaching

Coaching Conversations

Coaching is a conversation. A dialogue between two persons; the Coach and the client. However, it isn’t like the conversation between friends over a cup of coffee. It’s a conversation focused on a desired outcome, a change the client is aiming to realise.

Types of Coaching Conversations

Coaching conversations are driven by an outcome the client wants to achieve. Hence, the type of conversation varies based on the type of outcome. There are 6 types of coaching conversations:

1- Clarity
To explore, discover or reduce confusion about certain matters.

2- Decision

To make commitment to a certain goal.

3- Planning

To develop a strategy, a mind map or a checklist to reach an outcome.

4- Resourcing
To access needed resources, to experience a resource or to invent one.

5- Change
To improve, change, alter or transform a behaviour, a belief, an understanding or a sense of identity.

6- Confrontation
To bring something unpleasant to the client’s awareness to facilitate his generative change.

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