Coaching For Value

Change is one of the universal laws of life. Everything around us changes. Starting from the weather, the seasons to the leaps in technology. It’s true that some people resist change and that they ought to work on themselves and their mindsets to avoid being left behind. However, what concerns me the most is the people who embrace change. Are they clear about the results they wish for? Is the value they get from change relevant to the time, money and effort they invest?

In order to live happier, become more satisfied and upgrade our lives, we need to be crystal clear about the following:

What do we want to change.
Why do we want to change it.
What value will we get from this change.
What’s the impact of this change on others.

Days are slow and years are fast, enough wasting time without having a clear end in mind. If you’re not sure about your end in mind, hire a coach to help you.