Coaching Cognitive Distortion – Generalisation

Our minds are playing tricks all the time, however most of us are unaware. “The problem isn’t the problem, the problem is in the perception,” is one of the powerful quotes that can alter people’s lives. We all have problems and our perceptions of these problems affect our lives and shape our future.
One of the very common cognitive distortions that filter people’s perceptions is called ‘Generalisation’, which leads people to mistakenly think that “All people are…., all men are….., all women are…, all….are.”
With the help of a Coach people learn how to pay attention to their cognitive distortions, how to explore their impact and how to test their frames of reference. The Coach, equipped with tools and techniques, empower the clients to put the problems into perspectives and to look at the problems from different angels, creating a lasting change for a better quality of life.