The BULLET Teens Community

Working for teenagers from 2005 I was awed by their extraordinary potentials. Dealing with them in projects inside and outside the walls of classrooms I was amazed by the uniqueness of each and everyone of them.
Witnessing how they struggle with labelling, bullying and other people’s expectations I felt deeply sorry for them. Recalling how I felt lost in my teenage, how shy and unconfident I was I was filled with a desire to empower them. A self-leadership program was my gift to them. A program which I consider a transformational experience for teens. It enables them to lead their lives, set their priorities, identify their goals and learn how to fulfil their human needs.

The Bullet Teens isn’t only a program, it’s a Community which aims to support teenagers in Egypt and help them become better versions of themselves. In the community teenagers will be able to connect with human being their age, who speak their same language and who aim to lead and live meaningful lives.

The program is suitable for teenagers from 14 to 19 years old.

Teenagers are treasures waiting to be unfolded.