Genital or Mental Circumcision?


‘Show, don’t tell’ is one of the fundamental lessons I learned about writing novels. Hanan, one of my characters in Fabulous Veils, is a real victim of genital circumcision. Suffering as as child wasn’t the only tax she paid. The past, the present and the future are connected and interconnected. As a young wife and […]

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Diwan Bookstore isn't a bookstore


The same little girl who used to ride her bicycle in excitement to reach a little books kiosk in the mid eighties, was celebrated in Egypt’s most prestigious and honourable bookstore. It was never a bookstore for me. Diwan is a lot more. Since its inauguration in 2002 it became my refuge. Every time I […]

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Glimpses from Fabulous Veils#4


Permissions. “No.… because I said so… you’re impolite..!” What’s our main frames of reference as human beings? What makes us permit things and prohibit others? Is it the culture, the religion, the traditions or a mixture of all? How often do we pause and deeply consider our ‘rules’? Many parents complain that their teenagers are […]

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Glimpses from Fabulous Veils#3


‘Liars’. ‘They lie all the time’. ‘I no longer trust what they say’. ‘They always have tales to tell.’ Were people born liars? People lie. Teens lie. Children lie. For sure not all people lie, yet a large amount of people do. Are they bad people or good people? Why don’t we just speak the […]

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Glimpses from Fabulous Veils#2


Stubborn. My children are stubborn. They don’t listen to me. They resist my orders. They break my rules. They disobey my commands. Teenage is horrible. It’s a frustrating age! Is it truly a frustrating age? Are they really stubborn? Is the problem always out there, with the teenager? Could the problem be somewhere else? Could […]

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Glimpses from Fabulous Veils#1


I was moved by a burning desire. The desire to change. The desire to reveal. The desire to shake. Many people wondered how I made it. How did I succeed to write for an hour on daily basis at 5:00 am in the morning, regardless of the weather and the circumstances. How did I persist […]

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The Myth of “I Can’t”


Just two characters differentiate between ‘Can’ and ‘Can’t’, however, their impact is unbelievable. Six years ago ‘We Can’ was the mantra I used with my students to motivate them to do their best in a Community and Service project I was leading and in which they were serving a group of Visually Impaired children. The […]

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The First Paradigm Shift


I had read before about moments of enlightenment in which a person sees a sign or comprehends something from a different perspective. A moment in which his life alters and never return to what it used to be before this moment. This is exactly what happened to me in my kitchen while heating food in […]

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"Truly truly amazing . You were able to depict the true essence of Egyptian women from different classes ( which I don’t like to say ) and see them from so many angles and time phases . Really , unbelievable. I keep looking forward to my bedtime because that’s when I read your book and I don’t want to sleep so I continue reading it . I am almost finished with it but today I was informing my class about the book and I told them it’s a must read , when I found out that Shahinaz knows you , I asked her to give me your number so I can give you my feedback . Definitely this book is a must keep . And your technique in writing , is super excellent and easy going . I can’t help stop the pages from turning . It takes me from one Woman’s misery to another . Of course it’s very sad the stories of these Egyptian Women but they are the reflection of how women were treated in EGYPT and still do to some degree . I can actually relate to a bit of it , especially during my childhood years . I wanted to get married early because I wanted my freedom from my parents although my parents are quite broad minded, still it’s the culture that controls you. But I have to say, I was lucky to find the best husband in the world (Egyptian) and he supported my freedom and gave me the chance to utilize it in the best way possible for me . And I am sincerely grateful .

Thank you for sharing this book with me. I tried to thank you via messenger but I believe it didn’t reach you . I really don’t know how to express my gratitude and wishing you best of luck in your upcoming adventures .

A big thank you 🙏🏼"

"The major premise of the novel is very strong and I can imagine this novel making a major impression for all that it brings to the fore."
"It brings up social issues whilst remaining a human story."
"Very strong creatively and there are many passages which are a pure gift for a reader to encounter."
“Fabulous veils is not a novel to be read. It is a novel to be lived. The only thing that stopped my hunger of reading it at one shot was the need to digest each part I devoured. Fabulous Veils is not the kind of novel to finish in a day or two. You just have to, and enjoy to, stop and reflect.”
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