BULLET Teens Team

Our Vision

We’re a small group of citizens who wishes to leave to the world…
A large number of proactive peak performers, who have high self-awareness and who believe in themselves; their uniqueness, their potentials and their greatness. Compassionate Humans Beings who lead their lives, contributing happily in touching other people’s lives and in elevating their communities.

BULLET Teens Team

The BULLET Teens Team is the one in charge of growing the community of the “BULLET Teenagers”, cementing its members, developing their skills and enriching their life experiences at this early age. To this end, team members collaborate and synergise, acting as a high performing team, in planning and executing several events and services such as monthly clubs, trips, social gatherings and training workshops exclusively for the teenagers of the BULLET community.
Moreover, in order to challenge the BTT members and stretch their potentials, they are in charge of organising annual celebrations and social events for the BULLET Women Community.

Meet the Team


Alaa Amr


I am Alaa Amr, member of the BULLET Teens Team. My role in the team is quite intriguing, worthwhile and advantageous. It grants you the opportunity to test and enhance numerous skills such as communication and thinking skills. More hints? I am in charge of calling clients, keeping our followers on our social media platforms updated, contacting sponsors, delegating and distributing jobs to the members of my committee and so much more.

You probably guessed it right, I’m the head of the Marketing Committee.


Malak Mokhtar

My aim is to narrow the gap between people coming from different backgrounds and having different lifestyles. My aim is to allow people to communicate with each other in whatever way they like. My aim is to diminish the possible awkwardness between human beings when they first encounter. My aim is to make poeple comfortable in their own skin and confident in presenting who they are and what they want out of their life. I believe that through games we get to know each other better as well as discover new things about ourselves. If you ever meet me then be ready to get out of your comfort zone, have fun, meet new people and laugh and laugh and laugh until you get abs.


Nouran Walid

Hello pretty shining people 🙂

My name is Nouran Walid, a teenage girl who discovered her passion while working at the BULLET Teens program. I’m the Head of the Development Committee where my team and I initiate monthly clubs to help teenagers enhance important life skills, discuss the challenges they face, and confront their fears by stretching them out of their comfort zone to help them excel in their future. But this isn’t all, we also offer individual support to our community members in case of hardships, and we lead group discussions during our camps to help participants gain clarity about certain aspects in their lives. Basically, you can describe us as the SUPPORT System of the BULLET Teens Community members.

However, what I’m deeply aware of is that I wouldn’t have done this all without the team’s motivation and our leader’s empowerment to believe in ourselves and capabilities.

I’m glad to be a part of the BULLET Teens team who is always challenging and encouraging me to become the best version of myself and most importantly, a Human Being who will be leaving a legacy.


Sarah Walid

I’m Sarah Walid, head of the Logistics Committee. I graduated from Lycée Français MLS and I’m currently studying at AUC. I was a participant of the BULLET Teens program Round 1, and was invited to join the team afterwards for my positive attitude towards others and my initiative to help and serve. The program has truly changed my perspective about life and made differences in my personality. I’m glad to be part of this community that always aims to get the best out of you.

My role in the BTT is to provide all the materials and equipment needed for camps, clubs, meetings and any social gatherings. My role includes searching for the best offers and dealers with best quality, reserving buses and supplying food to our events. Of course I wouldn’t be able to do this alone that’s why I have hardworking team members that I delegate to help supply the events and make sure each time the community members are in need for something they find it and be at ease and comfort.