6 Types of Conversations Can Transform Your Life

How many conversations do you engage in on the course of your day, your week, you month, your year and your life? The number is countless. Conversions affect us whether we want it or not, like it or not, aware of it or not. They do. They affect our thoughts, our perceptions, our feelings, our moods, our characters and most importantly they gradually shape our fate. The good news is, we can start engage in conversations intentionally in order to create the future we wish for and the one we never dared to dream of.

Coaching Conversations

Coaching is a conversation. A dialogue between two persons; the Coach and the client. However, it isn’t like the conversation between friends over a cup of coffee. It’s a conversation focused on a desired outcome, a change the client is aiming to realise. 

Benefits of Coaching Conversations

One of the great things in a coaching conversation is the awareness it brings to the client; the ‘What’. What does he/she wants to change, not the effects, but the root causes. 

I want to become more productive’ is one of the common desires of my clients. Would this be the ‘What’? Absolutely not. If we start the Coaching conversation here, the session will be superficial and change is doubted to happen. Not being productive is just an effect. During the fierce conversation we carry we start exploring and digging till we get to the heart of things. Causes might vary between lack of motivation or purpose, laziness, lack of skills, low self-confidence, limiting beliefs and the list goes on. By exploring the ‘What’ the client moves to higher levels of awareness about himself. 

The Challenging Dialogue

As soon as we get clear about the ‘What’ an adventurous journey begins inside the client’s world. We start exploring the why, the how, the when, the where, the whom, the possible steps and strategies, the resources, the obstacles and the ethical dimension of what he desires to achieve. Though it sounds simple, it isn’t. The client gets challenged and starts to search for answers within the chambers of his mind, often surprised by questions he never thought of and frames of references he wasn’t attentive to.

Types of Coaching Conversations

Coaching Conversations are driven by an outcome the client wants to achieve. Hence, the type of conversation varies based on the type of outcome. There are 6 types of coaching conversations:

1- Clarity 

To explore, discover or reduce confusion about certain matters.

2- Decision

To make commitment to a certain goal.

3- Planning

To develop a strategy, a mind map or a checklist to reach an outcome.

4- Resourcing

To access needed resources, to experience a resource or to invent one.

5- Change: 

To improve, change, alter or transform a behaviour, a belief, an understanding or a sense of identity.

6- Confrontation

To bring something unpleasant to the client’s awareness to facilitate his generative change.

Which types of conversation do you engage in in your daily life and to which extent do they serve you in becoming happier and more fulfilled? The life you daydream of is right around the corner. Reach out for it. Start engaging in purposeful conversations. Do it intentionally.